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September 22, 2020
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November 27, 2020

When you put so much hard work and effort into decorating your home, it is also necessary that you keep your property safe. The burglars can strike quite often and therefore it becomes a major concern. The primary measures that one should take are to install euro profile door handles and make sure that the door frames are strong enough. The locks should be smart enough to avoid the entry of unwanted people. Since doors and windows are the most obvious entry points for thieves, you should ensure that the sensors are installed that notify you when glass breaks.

Nowadays, the euro profile cylinder smart locks are in a trend that excels in providing you top-level security for your home. These smart door locks can be opened with the help of a key as well as with the help of a thumb turn knob on one side. These types of locks are suitable for you as they provide keyless access to the user from one side as well as controlled access from another.

Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

How to protect your home?

  • Secure your doors 

Do not let any burglar stall around your house and secure your doors with the help of euro profile cylinder smart locks. Make sure that the hinges are protected. Changing the door locks with smart features helps in keeping your family secure. The locks manufactured by agencies are tried and tested to ensure customer safety. You can also enhance your safety by installing a video doorbell.

  • Make good use of lighting

The thieves or criminals will never want to enter a house where they can be spotted easily under the lights. You can keep these people out of your way by maintaining an ample amount of light outside your house. Always place the lights around your garage and backyard. The major risk of a vandal approaching your house is reduced by half once sufficient lighting is provided.

  • Lock your windows

To make the house free from burglars, you can equip your glass with a window security film. Another good method of keeping thieves away and maintaining a good courtyard is to grow prickly bushes below first-floor windows. Keep them trimmed so that they do not enter from windows and hurt you.

  • Lock the Wi-Fi network

The wireless network of your house is a potential source of your personal information. Therefore, it is important to protect it at all costs. You need to make sure that your Wi-Fi is not connected directly to your security system or else you can get into great trouble. This connection can reveal you all the crucial details to a hacker or criminal. Make good use of anti-virus and anti-malware systems and install them on your systems. Always secure your wireless router.

  • Removal of hiding places

You may plant several herbs and shrubs to create a safe environment and provide a good look to your home but these may become a potential place to hide for burglars. You should try planting small herbs and flowers around your windows. Do not leave ladders or stool in the garden area and make sure that proper lighting is done. Keep the doors of the garage locked properly. Look for high-quality euro profile cylinder manufacturers that can provide you with strong and smart locks to keep your property secure.

You can even get security cameras installed outside your house so that you can keep a check on any kind of unusual activity or find the thief in case the theft takes place. The cameras should be weatherproof and have features like night vision, motion detection, and cloud storage.

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