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The Euro Profile Key and the Knob Cylinder can be worked with a key from one hand and a thumb switch on the other. The cylinder feature allows controlled entry to the door from one side with a key and simple access to the door with a button on the other side. The key and button cylinder is ideal for locations requiring controlled entry from one hand and keyless access from the other.

euro profile cylinder lock

Types of Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Full or Double Euro Cylinder

Euro profile double cylinder has the main cylinder on either side of the frame. This ensures that the key will be used to lock and open the door in either direction. This lock format is commonly used for doors requiring higher protection, such as front or back doors. If the burglar smashed the glass in your house, they’d also need a key to open the door.

Full Thumb-Turn Euro Cylinder

Full thumb turn locks are a hybrid option, providing the advantages of a thumb-turn lock in one cylinder and a key lock in the other. These locks are simple to use – a thumb-turn lock means that you can lock the door internally without using a key. You may recommend using this on doors that require protection from the outside, but a means of emergency escape from the inside, i.e., apartment doors where fire codes stipulate that doors must be opened easily from the inside without a key.

Half of the Single Euro Cylinder

Euro profile single cylinder is suitable for doors needing keyed entry from one side only. These locks are commonly used for keyed entry from the outside, e.g., on garage doors.

Half Thumb-Turn Euro Cylinder

Half thumb-turn euro-cylinder lock enables simple, key-free escape and lock from one side only. These locks can be useful for situations where the key is deemed inconvenient. They can also be used for privacy purposes, for example, in bathrooms.

Euro Cylinder Lock Setups

The simplicity of the euro profile cylinder lock is a big reason for its widespread use. Users can mix the various locks listed above over the same property and accomplish complicated lock setups while keeping all of them working off the same key. This is referred to as a keyed-alike system. Euro locks may also add various locks, such as a deadlock or a deadbolt, to further enhance door protection.

Features of Euro Profile Cylinder Locks:

Revolving Cam 

A rotating cam is at the base of the euro profile cylinder. The camera is a spinning fragment of the lock that is manipulated by the ring. The camera then pushes the lock bolt, causing the door to be closed and unlocked.

Fixing Hole 

The fastening screw is inserted into the door with the lock in place that secures the unit.

Lock Body

There is a void in the middle of the body where the cam is mounted on the euro profile cylinder lock. The distance divides two distinct cylinder cores that can be placed on modular cylinders similarly or differently.

Security Additions

Euro cylinders can have many security enhancements, including sacrificial cuts, anti-snap protection, anti-drill pins, and several more, depending on the manufacturer’s specification.


Euro cylinders also have different keys based on the level of protection and qualification they possess. This key has a restricted profile, which adds extra protection to your lock.

Euro profile cylinder locks are common in Europe with a wide range of internal and external applications. The opportunity to replace them without missing other fittings is one of the key reasons why they are as popular as convenient and easy to fit. As a result, you will find euro cylinders in most domestic and commercial assets.

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