Mortise Locks

Choose the best mortise lock manufacturers to ensure the best safety for your place

When you are looking for the best mechanical security for your building, the best option to choose would be the mortise locks. These are available with some advanced features that will be suitable for ensuring the safety of the building. These locks are available requires the pocket or mortise to cut from the door and be fixed in the cartridge into the width of your door. These locks are originated in Europe and now it is highly used in different parts of the world. In India, it is used in different regions as it is suitable for offering enough security for your houses just looking for the mortise locks India will give you the right results.

We at Reyale are one of the pioneer mortise lock manufacturers. We have been in the field for years and we have enough and technical support with we qualified professionals who involve in manufacturing. Further, we also do not charge much cost and this feature of cost-effectiveness will be suitable for most of the people.

Further, when you need to employ these locks, specific preparations are required for the doors. When this is not appropriate, the efficiency of the locks might be affected. So we also help in hiring experienced professionals who will help you with the complete installation of the locks.

Why should you invest in the mortise locks?

  • These locks will work on the clutching mechanism and this provides vandal resistance
  • This offers the thru blot design in the aim to deliver high security
  • It helps in breaking away spindles to enhance security. This also helps with the simplified maintenance


Parts of the lock

When the lock needs to work, there are different parts required and few of them are,

Lock body: this is the housing of the bolt that will consist of the components that will disengage and engage the lock

Handles: these will help in retract the latch if the door is locked

Strike plate: this is the metal fixture that is fastened in the doorway as to line up with the latch bold a potential deadbolt.

Lock cylinder: the threaded cylinder will secure the door with the lock body. So, when you are inserting the key it will unlock.

We are mortise lock parts suppliers who concentrate on each and every part with its quality to bring out the best one.

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