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April 6, 2020
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September 22, 2020

The use of door handles is two-folded. Fitting pretty door handles can add beauty and elegance to your house but also has an unparalleled functional purpose. The functional aspect of the door handles makes our everyday life much easier.  Due to this two-fold advantage of the doorknobs, it is considered to be an integral part of a house or building construction. Big restaurants, cafes, resorts, and so forth use the doorknobs to add class, elegance, and a touch of fancy as part of their interior design. Certain door knobs that fall into the category of expensive help in upgrading your security system as well apart from functioning as an elegant décor. They do so with the employment of the electronic doorbell system.  


There are varieties of door handles that you can choose from to make your home more classy and functional as architectural door handles, architectural pull handles, architectural door pulls etcetera. This blog tries to give the readers an insight into the world of doorknobs by having a small analysis of the many architectural door handles and so forth crafted by architectural hardware manufacturers.

The following gives a sneak peek into the multiple classy doors handles:- 

Small Smooth Pull Ring on Rectangular Back Plate

Small Smooth Pull Ring on Rectangular Back Plate is recognized as one of the best forms of door handles which are categorized as decorative. They are sculpted using materials from solid iron. This comes under the family of architectural door pulls. The reason for this categorization can be owed to the making of this doorknob. It has a round and plane iron that is designed to be pulled easily. These provide perfect functional devices for closets, gates, and especially for doors. Another key advantageous factor about this type of doorknob is the excellent sculpting done by architectural hardware manufacturers which makes it easy to mound as well as to install.

Aluminum Faux Saxon Hinge

The Aluminum Faux Saxon Hinge is one of the most popular types of doorknobs. They have been used efficiently for a long period of time. This particular doorknob is similar to architectural door handles because of its distinct features. Under the same design type, the architectural hardware manufacturers provide various design options to choose from. Apart from the unique designs that it is known for, this type of door handles is known for its efficient and perfect functional ability. Due to the multiple design options that can be availed, Aluminum Faux Saxon Hinge can be used for houses that are traditional as well as for those that are contemporary. 

Its use is not restricted to merely households as they can be installed in commercial buildings too. Another branch of this handle is Aluminum Faux Saxon Hinge-Pair. This is particularly designed to be employed to make garages more functional. It is very charming and extremely fascinating because of its authentic swinging gate demeanour.

Square Handle Gothic Pull

The Square Handle Gothic Pull, unlike its various other competitors, is unique. This stand out style can be traced to its adaptation of the gothic style. Moreover, this doorknob is made even more pretty with eccentric embellishments with an ending that oozes beauty. The reason for this doorknob to be classified as one of the most elegant designs can be owed to the architectural hardware manufacturers who used black finishing to coat the framework of these handles.

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