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Are you worried about your home security? Are you a person most of the time due to work or some other reason? Have you been spending most of your time on the internet searching about the same? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you have finally landed on the right page. This is because; in our today’s blog we will inform our readers about the various advantages of choosing a Mortise Lock. However, before we begin to discuss the advantages of this type of lock, let us first understand what is a mortise lock?

What Is Mortise Lock?

In today’s date, there are many different types of locks available in the market spending upon the level of security one is seeking. One of the safest types of lock is Mortise lock. It is a type of lock which is installed inside the door itself and this makes it impossible to break and sneak in for the thieves. However, the door in which it has to be installed should have certain measurements such as it should be a minimum 1.75 inches thick so that the lock can be easily fitted in the same. If you are thinking that this is the latest technology in door locks then you are wrong because these locks have been in use since very old time. 

This type of Mortise lock is easily available in India with so many different suppliers and it is very easy to install inside the door as it is conveniently fitted inside the door in mortise cutout. If you are confused about whether this type of lock is best for you or not, then below mentioned are some of the major advantages of using the same. 

Read The Below-Stated Advantages To Know If Mortise Lock Would Be Best For You Or Not. 

Advantages of Mortise locks-

  1. It Is Difficult For Intruders To Break The Lock

There is no hiding to the fact that most of the locks cannot stop the intruders because they can be easily broken. However, the best parts about Mortise locks are that the intruders just cannot open or break it easily because of the fact that such locks are installed inside the doors and only the upper portion of the lock (faceplate is visible). Not only this, but this type of lock also has various types of lock levels inside it which again makes it really impossible for a person to access it without a key. If you want to install one such lock, contact your nearest Mortise lock manufacturer

  1. Mortise Locks Are Available In Different Sizes

The next advantage of having a Mortise lock is that it is easily available in different sizes. This means that you can always get one designed specially according to the size of the door in which it has been installed. However, if you want to replace your existing Mortise lock, then you have to stick with the same measurements of the previous lock. 

  1. You Can Have A Dual Locking System

Another remarkable thing about using Mortise lock is that they come with a dual locking system. This means that one can lock the house from inside as well as from outside the door. Hence, one can use it both ways. 

  1. It Gives A Pleasing Aesthetic Look

The next advantage on our list of advantages of a Mortise lock is that it gives a pleasing aesthetic look because it is somewhat antique and modern at the same time. When one compares different types of locks, one would be able to conclude that out of all, the best look is given by Mortise lock because most part of it is fitted inside the door which makes only the faceplate to be visible. This is the reason all the interior designers prefer this type of locking system in the houses because it looks god and keeps your house safe as well. 

  1. It Comes With A Mechanism of Sliding Bolt Lock

Last but definitely not the least, this Mortise lock comes with a mechanism of sliding lock bolt system which means that it can only be operated with a key. 

Now that you have read the above-mentioned details in depth, what are you waiting for? Replace your existing lock with a Mortise lock. 

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