Gold Finish One Side Key Cylinder Lock
July 24, 2017
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Copper Finish One Side Key Cylinder Lock

One Side Key Cylinder

Model : RE60R02

Euro profile key and knob cylinder can be operated with the help of key from one side and with a thumb turn knob on the other side. This function of the cylinder provides controlled access of the door from one side with the key and easy access with a knob on the other side. The key and knob cylinder is suitable for locations which require controlled access from one side and keyless access from the other side. Quality Supplier of one side knob cylinder copper finish, one side key cylinder lock computer key, one side key cylinder lock, 1 ck cylinder, KxL cylinder, thumb turn cylinder lock, one side knob cylinder lock

Technical Specifications






 RE60R02 60   32-38
 RE70R02 70   39-48
 RE80R02 80  49-58
 RE90R02 90 59-68
 RE100R02 100  69-78